Tourist places in Bursa


Uludag mountain     Uludağ       

It is called the Great Mountain, and also some call it legendary. It is the highest peak in western Anatolia and the Marmara region as well. Uludag Mountain is one of the most important tourism centers in Bursa in summer and winter. Also, it’s home to a lot of animals and plants that tourists from all over the world visit for skiing in winter to four meters. In general, it is one of the most tourist places in the bursa.


Saeedabad Waterfalls     Saitabat şelale 

The waterfall’s location is in the heart of nature among the pine trees, which gives the atmosphere a distinctive smell. On these trees, there are many pigeons, which were named the Sa’idabad Hammam after the waterfall. The pool below the waterfall is special by its bright turquoise color. Also, it is one of the most tourist places in the bursa.

Uilat Waterfall     oylat şelalesi 

It is where the beautiful nature, the fresh water, and the sounds of the bulbul are. As you know, the closer you get to the waterfall, the sight of the pure water will captivate you as it permeates the depths of the rocks from the top to meet in a pool and then spread out in the form of valleys and streams.

      perennial historical tree     Tarihi Çınar ağacı 

This huge tree, which is 600 years old, became a famous symbol of the city of Bursa. It was planted at the beginning of the Ottoman Empire with its trunk 18.3 meters high and 35 square meters in length.

Ulu Mosque        Ulu Jami

Ulu Mosque is one of the most famous Islamic and archaeological monuments in the Anatolian region. Its building was of black basalt and white limestone. Also, it is famous for its simplicity and its arches decorated with lead and marble. It is in the town of Sur in the city of Diyarbakir. Then it was converted into a mosque after the conquest of the city in 641 AD.

Green Mosque      Yeşil Camii

It is a harmonious mixture of architecture and decoration. From the outside, it tends to be green from its windows to all its gates, and it is generally an art that you have not seen anywhere else. The plan of the mosque resembles the letter T. It begins with a hall or a corridor at the entrance leading to a middle hall surrounded by an iwan on the east side. And another to the west and a larger iwan with it a mihrab in the south.


Clock Tower     Tophane Saat Kulesi

The most important tourist attractions in the city. The tower was built during the reign of Sultan Abdul Aziz (1860-1876) as a firefighting tower.

Othman’s cemetery Osman Gazi Türbesi

The tomb of the first Sultan Osman or Osman Ghazi, as they say, was the real founder of the Ottoman Empire. It is a very serene mausoleum, as it mixes architectural prestige and fragrant history, in addition to the location of the shrine, which attracts attention.


Bursa City Museum  Bursa museum

Bursa City Museum shows the detailed history of the city, which extends over 7000 years since its founding.

Uludag National Park    Uludağ Milli Parkı

One of the country’s favorite winter sports centers. It is also home to a variety of flora and fauna, including about 104 rare plants. It is one of the tourist destinations in Turkey after witnessing the construction of many accommodation facilities and ski slopes.

zoo  Hayvanat bahçesi   

The unique design of this park makes it resemble a forest, so the Bursa Zoo is one of the most important zoos, as it contains many types of animals that we cannot see everywhere. It contains four main sections, the first for mammals, the bird’s section, and the reptiles section. In the last section, there are two swimming pools, the first containing a group of penguins, and the other containing a seal.

Merinos Park 

It is the oxygen depot and is the second-largest park in the city. And it includes 2500 trees of 81 different species and 11600 flowers and many distinctive facilities. There is an artificial pond area and ornamental swimming pools, in a green area of 252 thousand and 500 square meters.


Lake Iznik  İznik Gölü

It is the fifth-largest natural lake in Turkey. As it extends over a distance of 32 km in length and 10 km in width, and a depth of 80 m. Iznik Lake is a source of fresh water and streams and contains many rare plants. You can also see rare species of birds only. It has also been declared a reserve Natural and especially for birds in 1989 AD. And this is  because it contains many types of rare and unique birds that attract the attention of visitors.

Albat Lake  Uluabat Gölü

Apart from being one of the best natural landmarks in the city, it is a lake with fresh water. What distinguishes this lake in the winter is the mixing of fog with the lake water to form the most wonderful and distinctive scenery. It is one of the most beautiful lakes in Bursa, due to its being a natural reserve for a large number of birds and plants. And this is what makes it An ideal place.

   Korekli dere waterfall   küreklidere şelalesi

One of the most important natural attractions, the magnificent Korekli Waterfall in Bursa is one of the most beautiful waterfalls in all.

Dainji Lake  Dağyenice Göleti

It is one of the most beautiful natural lakes, in which the blue water meets the beautiful nature with its evergreen trees, and the walking paths extend through it. This lake is a favorite place for camping lovers, who come here specifically to observe the golden sunrise and sunset. It is also a suitable place for fishing.

silk market  Koza Han

The Bursa Silk Market was established at the end of the year 1490 by the order of the Ottoman Sultan Bayezid II to be the first source for selling silk scarves. So, it is the most tourist place in the bursa.

Gorillaz town  Golyazi

It is one of the tourist attractions par excellence because of the fun it provides to its visitors. The road to Golyazi village begins through the land path that connects the village to the mainland. The village is on a peninsula in Albert Lake. On our way to the village on the path that extends to 700 meters, we will be charmed by the sight of the olive and pine trees that envelop it at some points along the road. This makes it one of the most tourist places in bursa

ottoman village  Cumalıkızık

It is one of the rare villages that managed to preserve the architectural structure. Also one of the best and most prominent tourist places in Bursa. Its history dates back to the Ottoman era for nearly 700 years. You can enjoy watching the historical houses and alleys. And learn about the construction method of the Ottomans, in addition to taking the most beautiful pictures of the memorials there.