Tourist places in Bodrum


الأماكن السياحية في بودروم

Bodrum castle

Bodrum Castle is located in southwestern Turkey in the coastal city of Bodrum. Its construction began in the early 15th century. It overlooks the port and the international marina. Also it covers an area of 30,000 square feet and took several years to build. The castle is one of the tourist places in Bodrum, where many visitors come to know about Its ancient history. And the balconies of the castle include some cannons dating back to the First World War, which gives you a great opportunity to take some panoramic pictures of the city’s port.


sea museum

The Museum of Maritime Archeology in Bodrum is one of the most famous tourist places in Bodrum. Especially for lovers of discovering the secrets of the deep sea of jewelry and sunken antiquities, which contains a unique collection of antiquities dating back thousands of years and for many civilizations that inhabited the city.
The museum also includes the holdings of ships dating back to the 12th century BC, Byzantine ships, and Roman ships, in addition to some ships of the Ottoman era. In the area where the museum exists, there are many restaurants that, despite their simplicity, offer you the most delicious meals of traditional Turkish foods, which are prepared with Very high quality.

Mausoleum of Mausolus

The Mausoleum of Mausolus is one of the distinctive archaeological areas in the coastal city of Bodrum that is one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World for its massiveness. extravagant inscriptions and magnificent Greek architecture.
The mausoleum is a rectangular building 45 meters high and consists of three parts. The lower level contains a huge hall of white marble. The second level has 36 columns distributed over all parts of the building. The columns at the end carry the roof in a pyramidal shape, then topped by a luxurious chariot with four horses. The mausoleum also tells the stories of legendary battles. At the base of the shrine, there are corridors leading to the treasure room, golden artifacts, and the welfare of the king’s bones. A Greek ritual wrapped in gold cloth inside a white marble sarcophagus.

Camel Beach

Camel Beach is a distinctive sandy beach for families. The beach is one of the most suitable locations for families in the Bodrum Peninsula and offers calm waters and many modern facilities. The beach has plenty of sun loungers and great places for swimming, snorkeling, and sunbathing. And it is surrounded by local restaurants, hotels, and cafes that give you the greatest level of luxury.


Gumbet Coast

Gumbet Beach is one of the most beautiful beaches of Bodrum, where the golden sands are scattered around Gumbet Bay and the clear waters. Also it is one of the most important tourist facilities in the city. You can enjoy water sports and make a wonderful tour by yacht or boat to explore the city’s coasts from Gumbet Beach.


Vink Beach

Fink Beach is one of the most beautiful tourist places in Bodrum. Which expresses the distinctive natural face of the city which is represented by its dynamic beach with warm golden sand and clear seawater. The beach offers a number of water sports such as Riding a water bike, surfing, inflatable boats, etc.,. And there is an attached spa which has special rooms for massage and beauty of distinctive health and aesthetic interest, where you can receive perfect care.

Yehsi Beach

yehsi beach is famous by being quiet a dreamy beach that provides umbrellas and areas to sit, relax and enjoy the charming nature. As the waves embrace the golden sands of the beach in a charming way. And also it includes various types of cafes and restaurants that serve their distinctive local dishes.


Mall of Oasis

Oasis Mall is the most famous and best mall in Bodrum. So, it is special by a great location in the Milas district of Bodrum. Also it is a full-service shopping center and there are shops of the most famous international brands and offers various products where luxurious and modern clothing stores are available, as well as home supplies, including electrical appliances and various furniture. It also has many restaurants and cafes, and in its surroundings, there are various hotels of various levels.

Tafshan Island

Tavshan Island or Rabbit Island separates the beaches of the Gumusluk area in Bodrum. It is  one of the most beautiful tourist places in Bodrum and witnesses a large number of tourists throughout the year. You can enjoy seeing the rabbits there and you can sit on the sandy beaches. Also overlooking the island of Tavshan and enjoy a bath Sunny or you can swim in the clear and pure Aegean Sea. And you can rent some boats or ride a boat and take an interesting tour around it.

Gumusluk village

Gumusluk is about  23 km from the city of Bodrum and is famous for the most beautiful bays in Bodrum. It stands out for its natural beauty and clean beaches. Also includes two distinct parts, including the coast and the city itself. The city’s location is in a privileged location not far from the coast with its picturesque beaches, Gumusluk enjoys an open market in the open air. It offers visitors plenty of local produce with wonderful souvenirs. Also including beautiful handmade ceramics, dried gourd lanterns, jewelry, and much more.

Aqua Florya Bodrum

Aqua florya Bodrum is one of the most beautiful aquatic city in Turkey. It is offering many water games and fun activities. Also it includes many wonderful water activities suitable for all groups and ages. Also occupies an area of 35,000 square meters that has more than 7 huge outdoor pools of varying shape and depth and 5 indoor pools. So One of the reasons why Aquaflorya Bodrum is a major destination for tourists is the high-quality services such as security and health services. As well as its proximity to hotels, parks and shopping centers .