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What is a facelift?

A facelift is an application that is done to remove sagging and wrinkles that occur in the face area with age and to give the face a healthier and younger look. From the first-day humans realized themselves, doctors have tried various methods to reduce the effects of gravity on the body and they always appear young. For this reason, from the past to the present, scientists have made discoveries in many sectors and especially in the health sector in terms of aesthetics. While the so-called fox-eyes look has attracted attention due to it being the front foot of the fashion sector, makeup styles that make clear facial features sometimes draw attention.

Nowadays, with the emergence of nature, it has become possible to raise eyebrows not only with makeup but also with a jawline and clear aesthetics without the need for any makeup. With the increased use of advanced technological devices in the twenty-first century, the continuity of the skin with a healthy and natural appearance, as well as a youthful and aesthetic appearance is ensured.

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What is the process of removing skin wrinkles?

A facelift, also known as a wrinkle excision, is a process of repositioning relaxed muscles to get rid of sagging caused by aging and loss of muscle elasticity. In the case when there are deep folds at the corners of the nose and mouth, doctors perform it based on the drooping of the cheeks, neck, outlines, and face. person, to change sunspots or skin color.

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How to perform a face-lift

Docters make The incision according to the face-lift method that is selected under general or local anesthesia.

After determining the appropriate method for the face, the relaxed muscles are tightened, starting from the temple area.

By making small incisions in the back of the ear or the hairy area, the sagging of the face is eliminated.

In eyelid surgeries and forehead lifts, doctors perform the operation by making incisions in the forehead and eyelid area.

The patient remains in the hospital for one day for observation purposes.

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What do you do with a facelift before and after?

Before a facelift, first of all, a person’s needs are determined through an analysis of the skin.

Doctors examine the anatomy of the person’s face, and a facelift is performed in line with the patient’s expectations.

You should stop eating foods such as blood thinners, vitamins, garlic, turmeric, cherry, and kiwi at least 5 days before the surgery.

Before and after the face-lift procedure, you should stop using harmful substances such as cigarettes and alcohol for a while.

After the excision of the skin wrinkles, swelling, and bruising occur on the face. Ice should be used to reduce swelling, bruising, and edema.

Be careful to use the recommended medications regularly.

If the face has been in contact with water for two days after the resection of the eye socket, you should  avoid it and not showered.

Be careful to make soft movements while applying makeup or hair care.

You should use Sunscreen  regularly and avoid activities such as a sauna or steam bath for 6 months.

Also you should avoid Sexual intercourse  for at least two weeks after facelift surgery.

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The recovery period after the operation

The full recovery process after a face-lift is completed four to six weeks after the surgery. 90% of facial edema disappears and there are no swelling and bruising.