cosmetic dentistry

Cosmetic dentistry

  • Cosmetic dentistry is considered one of the most things that people are concerned about because of their appearance. With smile aesthetics, the appearance of tooth decay changes, teeth are short, irregular, asymmetrical, and crooked. Also, gums change, damage, and recede, the shape of the lips, and the general appearance of the mouth, so your dentist may work in cooperation with experts in periodontal diseases, dermatologists, and plastic surgeons to create a more aesthetic mouth and face. These aesthetic treatments positively affect the patient’s mental health and social life. Cosmetic dental treatments also include orthodontics Teeth whitening, fillings using white light, dental implants, and laser treatment. Cosmetic dentistry is not only concerned with dental aesthetics, it is caring. To get a better medical care of cosmetic dentistry, so you should hurry and contact us.


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What are the factors that can affect the aesthetics of a smile?

  • Horizontal line matching: the lips and teeth should be parallel to each other.
  • Smile line: The curve formed by the edges of the teeth should be symmetrical with the curve of the lower lip. The degree of symmetry affects the extent and attractiveness of young people’s smiles.
  • The gender and shape of the teeth as well.
  • Women: The corners of the teeth are rounded while the smile line curves upwards.
  • Men: The teeth are more stable while the smile line is more narrow.
  • Teeth flatness: The center line of the teeth should be straight and consistent with the middle of the lips and the point of the nose.
  • Dental arrangement: The arrangement of the teeth is an important aspect of having a beautiful smile.
  • Spacing: Gaps between teeth badly affect a smile.
  • Color: White teeth mean a younger, healthier smile.
  • Size: Short teeth make people look older, widening the front incisors especially will make smiles look more vibrant and younger.
  • Gum health and clarity: Protruding gums can negatively affect the aesthetics of a smile.
  • Lip shape and thickness: These are important factors for an impressive smile and should be taken into consideration when designing your new smile.


  • Nose shape: This also affects your smile and also needs to be taken into consideration when designing your new smile.
  • The Golden Ratio: It is the mathematical expression of the teeth about each other and the other surrounding factors mentioned above. Assuming the width of the front incisors is 100, the adjacent teeth should have a width of 60, while the visible surface area of ​​the subsequent teeth should be 60% of those incisors. Achieving this proportion indicates the achievement of an aesthetic smile.
cosmetic dentistry

Aesthetic problems

There are many things that cause aesthetic problems such as,Teeth discoloratio, that causes due to many reason such as : 

  • external reason, propabely there is astain that affect on teeth because of food, beverages and tobacco.
  • Internal reason, this kind of stains exists inside teeth and there are examples of them like certain medications, injury to teeth and genetics.

Small, short and broken teeth, the medical term of it is micro dontia. Sometimes it happened due to hered’tary condition.

  • Diastolic (gaps between teeth),  that causes because of many reasons such as, natural growth, abnormal position, Size & Shape of Teeth, missing Teeth, Outgrown Labial Frenum, Periodontitis and Wrong Habits.


  • unequal
  • Remove dark brown spots on the gums, that causes because of many reasons such as nicotine, food, beverages and tartar.
  • Cosmetic gums, which should be made a surgury to improve aesthetics and prevent of decay and erosion.
  • Crowded and damaged teeth, that causes due to lack of space, small jaw and super numerary teeth.
  • Functional biting problems, which cause because of genetics, missing teeth and small jaw.
  • Sensitive and/or receding gums, the main reason that cause this is gum disease.
  • Weak lip and smile lines, which cause because of many reasons such as, genetics, smoking and sun damage.
  • missing teeth, and this causes due to genetics, gum disease and injury.
cosmetic dentistry

cosmetic treatment Teeth whitening

To get white teeth, we should do several things such as,

  • Vehicles.
  • Slices including porcelain slices.
  •  Orthodontics.
  • Dental implants including zirconium.
  • allergy treatment.
  • laser treatments.
  • Surgical treatment.
  • Botox.
cosmetic dentistry