Hair transplant for women

         Hair transplantation for women 

Life Style Clinic  provides one of the best beauty centers specialized in hair transplantation for women. Because it includes world-class experts in the field of cosmetology. Also a team of hair transplant for women surgeons who are the best in Turkey and the average years of experience in plastic surgery exceed twenty years. The hospital has three branches specialized in hair transplantation in Istanbul. Over the past years, the hospital has achieved great success in various cosmetic surgeries and various treatments such as traditional medicine, dentistry, and skin and dermatology treatments. Istanbul hospitals receive thousands of patients per month from all over the world for hair transplantation. And Life Style Clinic is the best hair transplant center in Turkey and the Middle East as well. It provides one of the best beauty centers specializing in hair transplantation for women. It also includes world-class experts in the field of cosmetology.


The operation without pain and without shaving

Hair transplantation in places where women suffer from loss or from some other problems in the density of hair or scalp. It is known that its operations and treatment of baldness in men are optional treatments. But in the case of women, it is one of the necessary treatments, given the techniques modern hair transplant operations for women. Enjoy the fact that they are done in a short time and also without the need for shaving and do not cause pain, and the result is permanent and dense hair. 


Hair transplant steps for women:

Life Style Clinic offers hair transplantation with the best modern technology in terms of high accuracy and effectiveness.

DHI Plus Gold transplantation technology: its golden-tipped pens were developed in our laboratories with high efficiency and high density of follicles. And under the supervision of a team of hair transplant experts with the golden pens technology.

The second technique: the Perkutan and blue sapphire sapphire technology, which is characterized by providing an ideal result and a natural shape of the hair so that it is highly effective. As it is possible to plant more than 45 grafts in a small area of up to one centimeter. 


Hair transplant procedures for women at Life Style Clinic:

– First, you start by reviewing the specialist doctor and ascertaining the extent of the need for hair transplantation. Because the assessment of the causes of hair loss in women and girls has different causes. Therefore, you must undergo an examination and then assess the appropriateness of the health status of that surgery. 

– The next step is the introduction session, in which the treating doctor presents all the information and medical advice with an explanation of hair transplantation techniques and the stages of recovery as well. And the woman must understand the shape of the hair before and after the operation and the necessary time For the results to appear. There are also aspects that must be known such as the pros and cons, the steps of the surgery and the medications to be used. 

– Finally, it is necessary to rehabilitate the psychological aspect, especially in the operations that are related to changes in the form. they also should know that expectations for the days and months that follow the hair operation is very essential and important thing in the psychological state.