Tourist places in Bolu Abant Duzce

abant dozce bolu أبانت دوزجة بولو


Yedigöller Seven Lakes Garden

If you are looking for calm and recreation, the Seven Lakes is your destination. As it is one of the most attractive landscapes for tourists. Located in a very rugged area within the borders. With landscaped lakes, the seven lakes are named after the people of the forest; (Seringol, Buyukgol, Deringol, Nazligol, Kurugol, İncegol, and Sazligol). These seven lakes are located differently from each other on two plateaus with an altitude difference of 100 meters between them and contain many orchids and a total of 236 species of plants in addition to the most beautiful natural forests in Turkey. Besides beech and pine nut trees, leafy chickpeas, goat chestnuts, wild cherry trees, and ash.

Kartalkaya Resort Kartalkaya

It is one of the most beautiful places in Turkey, which is considered one of the most famous winter tourism areas. Karta Kaya Resort is about 40 km away from the center of Bolu. There are landscapes covered in white from every side at an altitude of more than 1800 meters to 2200 meters above sea level. Tourists go to it For ice skating or tobogganing with wooden skis, from December 20 to March 20.

Gölcük gölü   Lake Gölcü

The lake is about 8 km from the middle of Bolu County. It is also known as Sky Lake due to its location and its distinctive height at the top of the mountain. It is also characterized by an exciting and enchanting beauty over a length of more than 1,000 meters, a width of 2 km, and a depth of 30 meters. The lake is characterized by its clear water surrounded by a large number of trees, which makes walking around it a unique pleasure. There are also around the lake many wonderful game centers such as the mini-golf course, and the free game centers for children and especially suitable for families. You can also bring some inflatable boats with you and take an amazing tour inside the lake.


It is a quiet destination that was famous among tourists visiting the city for its delicious cuisine.  the area is about only 58 km from the center of Bolu, and it is one of the most famous areas of Bolu for its superiority in food and with a group of the best chefs in Turkey.And the place where a chef festival is held that includes Much seafood.


Antik Kentler Ancient City of Bythenium

Betheneum is a great destination for history lovers, so don’t miss it to see the ancient Greek inscriptions. Also, the city of Bolu contains the remains of the Bythenium located above 4 hills in the center of the city.


Abant Gölü Abant Lake

One of the most beautiful and prominent tourist places in Bolu Abant is about 32 km from the city center. Surrounded by a large number of trees that give a charming beauty to the place, many types of fish swim in this lake, which is the main source of food in the city. And the lake has a humid and distinctive atmosphere in the summer.

Bolu Muzesi Bolu Museum

This museum is one of the most important tourist attractions in Bolu. You will enjoy seeing a lot of archaeological artifacts that cover a wide range of historical periods from the modern era to the Ottoman era for different civilizations such as Roman, Byzantine, Seljuk, and Ottoman. We advise you to visit it to learn about the history of the country through the artifacts it contains. Where the museum contains about 5,000 artifacts that tell us about the history of the country throughout the ages, and it contains about 12,000 coins.

mağaralar caves

The Turkish city of Bolu is famous for its many caves its beautiful landscapes. When you walk around it, you will surely like it, where the exciting galleries and the most beautiful caves are the “Vakili” cave, “Sari Kaya” cave, and “Aksu cave”. And it is one of the best wonderful and distinctive tourist places that he loves all persons.

Aydınpınar Şelalesi Aydınpinar Waterfall

  Edenpinar Waterfall is on a hill that is only 10 km from the center of Düzce. In front of 5 different waterfalls is the way to Bird Paradise Lake. And the area is covered with blackberry bushes during August.

Samandere Şelalesi Samandra Waterfall

The natural facade of Bolu is one of the most beautiful scenes that thousands of people dream of visiting. Tourists can get to know the waterfall more closely by climbing the stairs and long stairs around the waterfall. The thing that allows you to take close pictures. As you can enjoy a walk around the mouth of the waterfall until Lake Afteni on foot. On foot or by bicycle and enjoy the wonderful green scenery available from trees and green spaces. You will also find yourself cutting many bridges to bring the viewer closer and enjoy more. Or, you can rent one of the wooden huts.

güzeldere şelalesi     Quzal Dara Waterfall

It is special by the beauty of its waters descending from the highest mountains. It is about twenty-eight kilometers from the city of Düzce. Where many tourists who love adventure and climbing mountains visit it, and at the last point on the top of the mountain, there are huts, restaurants, markets, and others.