Get to know Bursa

مدينة بودروم


Bursa is located in a plain, mountainous geographical environment, in the northwest of the country in the Marmara region, between Istanbul and Ankara, the fourth most populous city in Turkey. The name of the Green Bursa is one of its most famous nicknames, due to its green nature, surrounded by diverse forests, parks, and public gardens And it has a ski resort called (Uludag), and it is considered a historical and archaeological area, where we find buildings dating back to the Ottoman era, and the tombs of the Ottoman sultans. Most tourists prefer to head to Bursa or green Bursa from Istanbul for a day trip because Bursa is a city close to Istanbul, which is why most people prefer to go and return on the same day

Bursa climate

The climate of Bursa is a moderate climate, where it is moderate in the summer, but     sometimes it becomes hot and dry, while in winter the weather is cold , humid and heavy precipitation, in addition to snowfall. In summer, the temperature is not high, about 25 degrees. As for the weather in the green Bursa in winter, it is cold, and the temperature reaches below zero. Moreover, it is the snow season and it is the perfect time for a Bursa tour due to the features and activities of this season.

Tourist places in Bursa

Uludag- mountain Uludağ
Saeedabad Waterfalls – Saitabat şelale
Uilat Waterfall – oylat şelalesi
perennial historical tree – Tarihi Çınar ağacı
green valley – yeşil vadi
Ulu Jami – ulu cami
green mosque – Yeşil Camii
Prince Sultan Mosque – Emir Sultan cami
clock tower Tophane – Saat Kulesi
Othman’s cemetery – Osman Gazi Türbesi
Bursa City Museum – bursa museum
Uludag National Park – Uludağ Milli Parkı
Zoo – hayvanat bahçesi
Merinos Park – Merinos Park
Lake Iznik – İznik Gölü
Albat Lake – Uluabat Gölü
Coriclider Waterfall – küreklidere şelalesi
Dainji Lake – Dağyenice Göleti
silk market – Koza Han
ottoman village – Cumalıkızık
Golyaz town – Golyazi