Get to know Trabzon

تعرف على مدينة طرابزون



Trabzon city

 Trabzon is located on the east coast of the Black Sea. It is one of the largest cities in Turkey. This city is famous for its picturesque green nature and mountains. Also, Trabzon city is one of the beautiful cities for tourism. The diversity of its terrain characterizes its geographical location. As it combines high mountains, lakes, and rivers, apart from its distinguished coast overlooking the Black Sea. The city is at an altitude of 39 meters above sea level and covers an area of 4,685 square kilometers. Furthermore, the city of Trabzon is characterized by beautiful nature decorated with mountains and plateaus. There are twelve rivers in Trabzon, and it is estimated that about three-quarters of the area is mountains and plateaus.

The climate of Trabzon

Trabzon’s weather is mild climate and picturesque nature because of the frequent rainfall. In addition, its terrain combines the sea, mountains, lakes, and rivers. In summer, the climate is semi-tropical, humid, and warm, with an average temperature of 26 degrees Celsius. Some tourists prefer to spend the rest of their vacation at the end of the summer season in Trabzon. In comparison, some others enjoy its atmosphere in the winter when the weather is cold and humid. with an average temperature of about 5 degrees Celsius. At that time of the year, Trabzon’s mountains are covered with snow. So the view is stunning for winter lovers and visitors.

Tourist places in Trabzon

Sultan Murat Heights
Akçaabat park
Hidırnebi Yaylası . Hill of the Prophet Khidr
Hıdırnebi tepe . Heights
Uzungöl Lake
Sümela Manastırı . Monastery
Çal Magarası . Cave
Trabzon Castle
Trabzon Meydan
Çaykara koy . Tea Village
Sera Gölü . Lake
Hagia Sophia Mosque Trabzon Ayasofya cami
Overlooking Boztepe
Akçatepe tepe
Luna Lunapark
Zigana tepe
Demirkapi tepe
Karaca Mağarası . Cave
Uzungöl horse farm at çiftliği
Kayabaşi Yayla Kent . Highlands
Demirkapı koy . Village
Fish lake balik göl
Rafting ayder
Sulfur baths Ayder termal havuz
Ayder waterfall
Palovit şelale . waterfall
Ottoman bridges Ayder ottoman bridge
Rize kalesi . castle
Çay Bahçesi . Tea Plantation
Luna Park Risa lunapark
Rize muzesi museum
Rize Ridos Thermal . Resort
Ovit Yaylası . Heights
Haçkalı Baba Yaylası . Heights
Zigana dagi teras
Ayder yaylası . heights
Zilkale castle
İskender Pasha cami . Mosque