Abdominoplasty is a surgical procedure performed to remove loose skin and fatty tissue just below and above the navel area and to repair the sagging in the anterior abdominal wall. We rely on modern and innovative technology in body slimming and tightening procedures. “Laser Lipolyse Plus”, with its dual wavelength, is represented in both eliminating unwanted mental cells. And stimulating substances that give tissue elasticity, contributing to tightening and smoothing the skin at the same time. So, contact us if you want to do Abdominoplasty.


What is the application of laser lipolysis plus?

Laser Lipolyse Plus is a method that leads to tightening and smoothing by stimulating cells that give elasticity to tissues. In addition to destroying mental cells by applying laser energy inside fat tissue. And this is very important for Abdominoplasty.

Lipolysis Plus laser approved by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is the latest application of laser liposuction. Laser Lipolysis Plus also known as “laser-assisted liposuction” is a revolutionary innovative application in the field of body shaping and sculpting. And based on a dual wavelength that works on slimming and tightening the body at the same time.

What is the difference between laser lipolysis plus and traditional laser liposuction?

This application is available at two wavelengths. The area is smoothed by the first and significant difference is achieved by stretching and smoothing by the second.


Laser Lipolyse Plus:

The laser quality and the wavelength used in the Lipolyse Plus laser technology are distinguished in breaking down fatty tissue. The first wavelength used in this procedure is the most effective in breaking down the adipose tissue membranes and thus ridding the body of fat. As the application of the laser Lipolyse Plus can get rid of stubborn fat and constant resistance despite sports and diet.


Traditional laser liposuction:

The quality of the laser and the wavelength used in the traditional laser liposuction technique has limited results as it does not enable the liposuction to break down in an effective manner. The traditional laser liposuction technique has little efficacy in eliminating stubborn and stubborn fat tissue despite exercise and diet. Tightening and smoothing Collagen and elastin are among the most important tissue-producing elements that contribute to smoothing the skin, as these substances act as the glue that holds skin cells together. Therefore, a decrease in the amount of collagen and elastin is the reason behind sagging skin.

The laser used in the traditional laser liposuction technique does not have the wavelength that contributes to smoothing the skin and producing connective tissue that contributes to the elasticity of the skin. Therefore, sagging and sagging of the skin can be observed after fat removal, as is observed after losing weight with diet. It can also have a wavy appearance on the surface of the skin. Conventional laser liposuction causes damage to the tissues adjacent to the fatty tissue, resulting in bleeding and bruising, thus prolonging the recovery stage. Bandages and medical corset should be worn for a longer period of time after traditional laser aspiration is applied. However, sagging skin may occur.


Who is suitable for Lipolyse Plus laser and what areas are treated with it?

The Lipolyse Plus laser is useful for men and women in the case of getting rid of unwanted fat in a specific area and reshaping it, tightening and smoothing the noticeable sagging and sagging in a specific area, eliminating excessive sweating by applying it to the underarm area when we don’t obtain the desired results despite following diets and sports activities. Lipolyse Plus achieves effective results in eliminating sebum and smoothing the skin. The Lipolyse Plus laser, which is highly efficient, can  remove unwanted fat and sagging in a specific area. The abdomen, back, waist, chin, neck, arms, legs, ankles, Gynecomastia treatment in men. The Lipolyse Plus laser, which scientists have achieved in different applications in areas such as the face, has great advantages in the areas that require application. Also it is very accurate from the face.


How is Lipolyse Plus applied and when can I return to social life?

In a first step, we indicate the areas that we can treat. And then inject an  anesthetic to the person and we wait 10-15 minutes so that the energy heat of the laser device doesn’t affect the person. The laser head should be into the fatty tissue and an appropriate amount of laser energy is applied. In one session 15-60 minutes is sufficient for each area. They sew the hole 1-2mm with a single melt stitch automatically so the application leaves no scar. Then they remve The dressing 4-5 days after the operation. Most people spend the night after the operation resting on a pain reliever and can return to social life after a few days. Visitors prefer Life Style clinic because they do not like to take risks but want excellent results and high quality thanks to Lipolyse Plus laser technology, which a few elite clinics perform it in our country. Finally Abdominoplasty with us is more safe for you.

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