Beard and eyebrow transplantation

Beard and eyebrow transplantation

Our company attaches great importance to medical tourism. Beard and eyebrow transplantation is one of this importance. If you are interested in this treatment, so contact us and also visit our website to know everything about it.

Beard Transplant:

The beard is one of the elements of attractiveness and beauty in men. And according to statistical figures published by the International Society for Hair Surgery (Ischers) in 2008, it was noted that an increase in beard and mustache transplants in Turkey increased by 110 percent. To know more about Beared and eyebrow Transplantation, so you should contact us and also visit our website.

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Causes of beard and beard hair loss:

The density, texture and quality of beard hair is entirely due to the genetic factor. After entering adolescence, beard hair becomes thicker and takes its final shape in a period of 3 years at least. And beard hair maintains these characteristics as long as there is no significant change in the level of the male hormone.
No cosmetics or treatments for new hair growth in the hairless areas of the head, beard and mustache as well. The solution to this is beard and mustache transplantation.
By the way, skin diseases causes loss of b
eard and chin hair or autoimmune diseases, as hormonal imbalances are the main causes of hair loss. So, we should check the male hormone when it exceeds the rate.

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Who is suitable for beard and chin transplantation?

By starting from the age of 20 to 22 years at least, males can transplant the beard and chin. Through this process, the hair in the beard, chin or mustache area can be intensified or filled in the empty or asymmetric areas in that area. Beard and chin transplantation can also be used in cases of concealing the effects of burns or scars on the face, as it is a permanent solution to these problems.

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How is beard and chin transplantation performed?

Beard transplantation is done by extracting the follicles from the donor area that is behind the head and implanting them in the desired area of the face, whether the mustache, chin or beard. This process is exacetly similar to the process of hair transplantation of the head. The transplanted hairs that doctors transplant into the beard can be easily controlled. The beard or mustache where it can be shaved or given any desired shape after a specified period of time. The hair transplanted in the beard area grows naturally within a few months, so you get a thicker and fuller beard as well.

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Eyebrow Transplant

Eyebrow transplantation is a process that aims to create a new eyebrow or reshape it
and thicken it for a new look.
It is important for burn victims and also patients who suffer from diseases that limit hair growth in the eyebrow area.
Also it is one of the surgeries that have advanced in the recent time, and thanks to it, and it is possible to obtain an eyebrow free of defects and voids. The transplanted roots are extracted from the donor area behind the head, so these roots continue to grow rapidly for a long time, which requires care and shortening according to the shape desirable. Finally, if you want to get medical care within Beard and eyebrow transplantation, you should contact us.

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