The mouth and teeth’s health

The mouth and teeth’s health

The relationship between oral and dental health and the health of the body as a whole is undoubtedly a strong relationship. On the one hand, oral and dental health is an integral part of the general health of the human being. And on the other hand, the deterioration of oral health would expose the human body to many diseases such as cardiovascular diseases, complications of diabetes, Lung disease, kidney disease, in addition to the risk of premature birth. To know more about the mouth and teeth’s health, so you should visit our website page. Surely, you will get the mouth and teeth’s more better.

  • The development of diseases of the teeth and gums can have a reflection not only on the integrity of the body’s organs, through the possibility of bacteria passing into the blood circulation, especially when suffering from diseases of the teeth and gums or in the absence of oral and dental hygiene, but also on:


  •  Proper pronunciation.


  • Digestion Process.


  • Aesthetic face.


  • Gaining self-confidence.


  • The ability to build relationships.


The mouth and teeth's health

Zirconium crowns

  • Classic porcelain crowns use a metal base. From an aesthetic point of view, zirconium base crowns have a significant advantage for the front and back teeth in that they allow for a natural appearance.
  • Metal bases also cause a gray ring to form at the edge of the gums which can negatively affect the attractiveness of the smile as well as the gums.
  • The use of zirconium bases eliminates this probem. And this make the mouse and teeth’s health more better.
  • Another advantage that zirconium offers is that it does not reflect the color caused by root canal treatment and therefore zirconium is an ideal material for dental restorations in cases of excessive loss of dental material and tooth staining after root canal treatment.
  • In addition to being an effective treatment option that prevents gray rings from forming on the gums, zirconium also prevents the gums from opening around the crown or regression, and zirconium crowns can also be used to replace less aesthetically pleasing metal-based bridges for the front and back teeth. However, it is not necessary to replace these metal-based crowns and bridges if these problems have not been present for 7-8 years after previous dental restoration work.
Zirconium crowns-The mouth and teeth's health

Porcelain laminate

  • Porcelain slats are thin veneers of 0.3 to 0.7 mm, which are applied to the front surface of the teeth, these clear slats reveal the naturalness of the teeth and are the fastest cosmetic treatment to restore the color and shape of the teeth as well.
Porcelain laminate-The mouth and teeth's health

What is the difference between porcelain laminate and classic porcelain?

  • Porcelain laminate does not require removal of the original teeth, only slightly less frontal filing than classic porcelain.


  • Porcelain veneers can be installed on the upper teeth without the need for any drilling or cutting the teeth..*


  • The duration of treatment is very short, so, it can be installed in 5 or 6 days if the teeth do not need root canal treatment or the gums are healthy.
difference between porcelain laminate and classic porcelain-The mouth and teeth's health

Who is porcelain laminate and classic porcelain?

  • Those who do not like the shape of their teeth.
  • (Those with heavily stained teeth (tetracycline, yellow teeth, etc.)
  • Those who have gaps between their teeth.
  • Those who have large, colored fillings in their front teeth.
  • Those who have broken, chipped or worn teeth.
  • Those who have all of their teeth and have never had a restoration using slides.
  • And those who have healthy gums, unhealthy gums should be treated first before porcelain plates can be installed.

The mouth and teeth's health

How can the installation of porcelain quickly?

  • Porcelain laminate can be installed in 5-6 days as long as the gums do not need treatment or root canal treatment.
installation of porcelain quickly-The mouth and teeth's health

What should I pay attention to after the special porcelain crowns are processed?

  • Oral hygiene and care for porcelain laminate is the same as that recommended for natural teeth, you should brush your teeth twice daily by massaging the area where the teeth come out of the gums in a circular motion while holding the toothbrush at a 45 degree angle and avoiding nuts.
The mouth and teeth's health

Can porcelain crowns fall off or break? How long do they last?

  • Porcelain slats supplied by dentists do not fall off but last for 10-20 years as long as they are well equipped and well taken care of, receding gum lines or other ailments can cause porcelain slabs to last for not long, if the laminate strips suffer from Simple cuts, can be fixed with white fillings.