Lifestyle Clinic is the title of aesthetic health based on modern and innovative technology. It is preferred by visitors who do not like a risk but desire excellent results and high-quality thanks to the “Laser Lipolysis Plus” technology, to eliminate unwanted fat cells, and stimulate substances that give tissue elasticity. Contributing to the tightening and refinement of the skin.

What is the laser lipolysis plus technology?

Laser lipolysis plus is a method that leads to tightening and polishing by stimulating cells that give elasticity to the tissues, and through which fat cells are destroyed by applying laser energy inside the fat tissue.

And Lipolysis Plus laser approved by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is the latest application of laser liposuction.

Also Laser Lipolysis Plus known as “laser-assisted liposuction” is a revolutionary innovative application in the field of body shaping and sculpting based on a dual-wavelength that works on slimming and tightening the body at the same time.


Traditional laser liposuction:

The quality of the laser and the wavelength used in the traditional laser liposuction technique has limited results as it does not enable the liposuction to break down in an effective manner.

About the traditional laser liposuction technique has little effectiveness in eliminating stubborn and fixed fatty tissue despite sports and diet, and it does not have a longitudinal wave that contributes to smoothing the skin and producing connective tissue that contributes to skin elasticity.

Therefore, sagging and sagging of the skin can be observed after fat removal, as is observed after losing weight with diet, and a wavy appearance may occur on the surface of the skin.

Conventional laser liposuction causes damage to the tissues adjacent to the fatty tissue, resulting in bleeding and bruising, thus prolonging the recovery stage.

Bandages and medical corset should be worn for a longer period of time after the operation, however, sagging skin may occur.

Who is suitable for Lipolyse Plus laser and what areas are treated with it?

The Lipolyse Plus laser benefits men and women in getting rid of unwanted fat in a specific area and reshaping it when the desired results are not obtained despite following diets and activities and the results are multiple, such as tightening the sagging observed in a specific area and eliminating excessive sweating.

If you want to remove unwanted fat and sagging in a specific area, you can apply the highly efficient Lipolyse Plus laser in these areas:

chin and neck.
the arms.
Treatment of breast obesity in men.

Likewise, Lipolyse laser can be applied to different areas such as the face because it has many advantages in areas that require very precise application of the face.

How to perform laser lipolysis plus?

In the first step, the areas to be treated are indicated during one session. The duration of approximately 20 minutes is sufficient for each area. About 1 mm hole is sutured with one stitch, and no trace remains permanently. And The dressing is removed after 4 or 3 days of the operation.

Most people spend the night after the operation resting with a pain reliever and can return to social life after a few days.