Trabzon Trip

رحلة الشمال التركي طرابزون

North Turkish trip Trabzon

When we talk about beautiful nature, fresh air Beautiful forests, green spaces, and clear springs Know that the hadith is focused on the charming city of Trabzon With its wonderful sea views of the Black Sea. The city of Trabzon, which is nicknamed the Pearl of the Black Sea, is one of the most beautiful parts of Turkey It is close to the Georgian border from the north Eastern Province in Turkey, and near it the city of Rize, which exports tea to various parts of the world It ranks first in terms of area among the cities bordering the Black Sea

Trabzon Landmarks

Trabzon is famous for its scenic beauty and wonderful natural attractions. It contains about twelve rivers, and among the most important of these are rivers The Sera River, the Castle and the Florides, Surmina, and Yan Polo In addition to four lakes, the most important of which is Uzungol Lake, which was formed as a result The Haladezan River carried stones and accumulated them in a valley Thus, the lake was formed over time, and this lake is a great attraction For tourists, especially Arab tourists hence is the importance It is located next to the lakes Jakera and Sera, and the fourth lake is Lake Orzon Which is located in the south of the city, and the lake is located in the valley of The green mountain heights are surrounded by all the mountains.

A trip to the bride of the north of Turkey Trabzon Uzungol and Rize 4 days and 3 nights stay in a group and family atmosphere

 Detailed itinerary

First day :

A tour in the heights of Haider Nabi – Zigan Mountains Hamsi Village – Chal Cave – Sera Lake

Second day :

A tour of the charming Uzungol Lake and Waterfalls Tea Factory – Sultan Murad Heights

Third day :

Tour Rize – Ayder Heights – Historic Rize Castle Practicing rafting activities and the rope hanging over the river is “optional” Ottoman Bridges – Knife Factory – Ayder Falls – the flag tower in Mecca

Price per person in a double room

The plane (1800) pounds

The bus (1600) lira

Children 3-11 years old

The plane (1800) pounds

The bus (1500) lira

Children under 2 years old free of charge without a seat

The price includes :

Daily tours

Accommodation in a special and comfortable hotel

The hotel includes breakfast

Arabic speaking tour guide

The price does not include

Lunch or dinner

Entrance tickets to tourist or recreational places

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