رحلة شيلا واغوا

Details of the ŞILE AND AĞVA TRIP:

Şile and Ağva is one of the most tourist places in turkey. Due to its beautiful tourist places that visitors enjoy much. And the details of Şile and Ağva trip are as shown:

1- Visit the hidden lake.

2- Visit the station of the ATV safari tour overlooking the Black Sea.

3- Lunch on the edge of the Göksu River.

4- A boat tour on the river.

5- Visit the Black Sea beach in Ağva for swimming.6- Visit the ancient historical lighthouse.

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Information about Şile and Ağva in Turkey

Sile and Agva is the destination of the Ottoman sultans and princes over the years, for their beauty and the charm of their nature, its high mountains, and their view of the Black Sea, which made them the current first destination for tourists, where hearts are fascinated by the diversity of its activities and the wonderful of its beaches.

The Hidden Lake (Şile Lake )

It is one of the most famous landmarks of the Şile area, Surrounded by forests and dense green areas, In addition to a lot of restaurants that allow you to eat lunch in the open air and wonderful nature. Istanbul people and tourists come to the lake, to enjoy the atmosphere of calm in the green nature, away from the hustle and noise.

Historic lighthouses

The Naval Lighthouse (Şile) is located on the coast of the Şile area, where the Bosphorus meets the Black Sea. The lighthouse was established in 1859 during the reign of the Ottoman Empire in the form of a tower of cliffs extending 60 meters above sea level, with a height of up to 110 cm. It has a viewing distance of 20 nautical miles, which allows visitors to take the most wonderful photographs of the lighthouse and its surroundings through a charming panoramic view of the sea.

ağva beach

It is one of the beautiful and charming beaches, which attract tourists to it, because there are popular resorts along the beach, which extends to more than two kilometers, and along the beach, there are houses and hotels that receive tourists.

The beach allows visitors to relax and practice some types of beautiful activities, such as boating and taking a trip to the river area that meets the Black Sea.

Goksu River

One of the most famous tourist places in Asian Istanbul, it is located next to the Anadolu Hisar Castle and flows into the Bosphorus. A historic bridge built of stones connects the two sides of the river and It is still in use today. Tourists enjoy the beauty of the nature surrounding the river and the large trees and beautiful flowers that cover a large green area around the river, which makes the place wonderful during that enjoyable trip to explore the features of the clear river.

One-day group trip

The price per person is 150 lira with lunch

For children under 3 years old without a seat for free you can book a luxury private car with a driver

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