Sapanca and Maşukiye

Sapanca and maşukiye trip

sapanca and masukya trıp
sapanca and masukya trıp

Sapanca is characterized by the abundance of tourist places and distinctive attractions that make it an ideal destination not only for those looking for calm and relaxation amid the picturesque nature but also to visit many of the distinctive tourist places in the region. During the past few years, the city of Sapanca has turned into a haven for relaxation and recreation. At the same time, the sapanca city gained an important strategic location in turkey because of the picturesque in addition to wonderful nature that captivates minds before hearts. As this tourist city is the closest resort to Istanbul, the Sapanca and maşukiye trip is one of the most wonderful trips in Istanbul. Also sapanca and maşukiye are full of beautiful hotels that make visitors comfortable. Also sapanca and maşukiye have beautiful atmosphere. For this reasons, sapanca and maşukiye trip is wonderful trip.

By the way, the name maşukiye comes from the Turkish word ”aşk” which means ”love” in the English language.

Looking at Sapanca in terms of location,

sapanca locatıon
sarpanch locatıon



We see that sarpanch occupies an important strategic location in turkey and is considered one of the closest resorts to Istanbul, only two hours by bus. The sapanca and maşukiye trip is the most beautiful trip ever for lovers of nature and tranquility, where you will find the magic of beauty.

And nature, where recreation and enjoying the beauty of nature images, as you enjoy seeing the magnificent Maşukiye Falls. Especially Sapanca Lake, whose location is located east of the Sea of ​​Marmara. In the same vein, it is one of the most beautiful tourist places that you can visit because of the calm, clean water and the nice walk on the lakeside as well as the fresh water. On the other hand, there is Mount Kartiba which is the largest and most important mountain in Sapanca. In addition to a ski resort in the winter and the beautiful rural villages where the simple and quiet life that everyone is looking for. Enjoy as if you were actually on a private trip with your family on Sapanca, Maşukiye, and Mahmoudiya trip. In Brive, there are many tourist areas to visit on your trip to Sapanca and Maşukiye as well.

The stations visited :

sapanca and masukya trıp
sapanca and masukya trıp

First, we will visit the house opposite to take pictures (TERS EV). Then, the enchanting forests of ormania to see the zoo and the homes of the dwarves. Heading to the Maşukiye area where you can practice recreational activities (as desired) such as, Mountain tanks and safari tour around Wadi AlMashouqiah. Also Zipline rides and suspension bikes, horse and water boat rides. Heading to  Sapanca and Almushukia Fall where you  enjoy the scenic views, Mount Kariba and  take souvenir photos. On the glass terrace with a magical view, visit Mahmudiyah and Naturkoy Village. Also, admire the landscape passing by Sapanca Lake while returning to Istanbul in the evening.

By the way, the cost of the Sapanca and Macauca excursion per person is 260 liras.
And Transportation includes comfortable, air-conditioned buses and tours.

Note: Children under 4 years old are free of charge without a seat.

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