Covid-19 Test

What is a Covid 19 test PCR reaction test?

Covid 19 test or Polymerase chain reaction (PCR) testing ensures that people who carry COVID-19 are identified at an early stage. 

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How is the examination of the covid 19 test performed?

Lifestyle tour agency team selected the best hospitals to help you have the quickest and most efficient PCR result. Moreover, specialists will examine your PCR test. Furthermore, They will take samples from the upper respiratory tract (pharynx and nose) through the used stick which must reach a medium distance between the tip of the nose and the earlobe to obtain the most accurate results. After taking the samples, We send them directly to the laboratory for treatment. In the end, results will be out between 6 and 8 hours sometimes. 

Quick access

Our team can take samples and reach you wherever you are at home, hotel, or workplace throughout the week 24/7. Rather than going to the hospital and waiting for hours to take the test.

By choosing this service ‘COVID 19 TEST service’ you are saving much time and energy.

Quick Results

Lifestyle tour’s Corona test service is available 24-hour/7. In addition to that, it is a continuous service all over Turkey. Then your results will be avaailable between 6 and 8 hours

 For all travelers returning to their countries from Turkey or who wish to travel to any other country,  It has become necessary to test for Corona 48 hours before your planned trip.

Our team will give you all the information in detail and send the examination team to your location.

 So, all you have to do is to contact us via call or WhatsApp on our numbers. After that our team will give you all the details needed about your Covid 19 test. And send the doctor to your location to take your simples. In the end, we will send results to you on your WhatsApp number.

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