Bosphorus Trip

Bosphorus trip istanbul

A tour in the Bosphorus Strait, or what is called the Istanbul Strait.

is a sea strait that connects the Black Sea and the Sea of ​​Marmara Where it divides the historical city into two parts,

the Asian and the European, where the width of the strait reaches 3000 km

This sea is one of the international sea of navigation,

and for this reason the Bosphorus is an important

 international waterway and one of the most important
shipping lanes in the world.

Because of the strategic location between the two continents, which connects the two continents of Asia and Europe,

the Bosphorus strait trip includes a visit:

Bosphorus Bridge

It is called by a large number of names, such as the Bosphorus
Bridge or the Suspension Bridge and other names 

it is the first bridge built in order to connect
the city of Istanbul with its European and Asian sections

Sultan Mehmed Al-Fateh Bridge

One of the most important landmarks that distinguish the yacht trip in the Bosphorus is the passage from the bottom

of the Mehmet Al-Fateh Bridge
the bridge is linking the Asian section of Istanbul and its European section

Girl’s sign 

The Girl’s Tower, as some people call it , is one of the ancient historical tourist attractions of Istanbul .
Many ancient Roman legends revolve around this tower Palaces on both sides of the strait
Our Bosphorus cruise is famous for passing around an impressive number of old Ottoman mansions,

For example, the Dolmabahce Palace and others next to the magnificent palaces and villas

that were built on the side of the Bosphorus and the restaurants located in the center and on the side of the strait.

Egyptian market

This market contains anything you can imagine , when you enter this market you will feel a special feeling, This market is characterized by the presence of spices of all kinds, dried oriental fruits and all kinds of sweets.

And you should take some beautiful souvenirs that will make you remember the Bosphorus trip in Istanbul , The unique views of the most famous tourist attractions in Asia and Europe.

* especially Hagia Sophia
*The most beautiful view from the highest hill in Istanbul
the hill of brides
*Visit Dolmabahce Palace

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