Sahar Allayali Ship

سفينة سهر الليالي

Sahar Allayali Ship

Sahar Allayali Ship  For anyone looking for a cruise
With dinner at the Bosphorus and happy nights full of shows
Great vocals, relaxing music, and fun dance parties and spend the most
beautiful nights in the midst of waves, seas, and fresh air mild and pleasant
the climate is surrounded by beautiful landscapes and archaeological attractions.

Offers on the ship

Arada Shamia, artistic segments with the brightest stars of the Arab world, Saif and

Tris segments, DJ segment. So, contact us to enjoy the Bosphorus.


The cost of Sahar Allayali cruise

The cost of a ticket for a cruise on sahar allayali ship  is about 15 US dollars
For adults, 10 dollars for children from 4 to 8 years old
and for children under 4 years old, the trip is free for them.


What does the evening include?

The wonderful tour through the Bosphorus, which lasts 3 hours, is One of the most

beautiful hours a person may spend in his life. A distinguished program that tourists will enjoy. Arabic

dance parties in various Syrian dialects Egyptian, Iraqi, Jordanian, and various Arab cultures.

It also includes an open buffet with delicious items and appetizers. 


The place and time of the evening start of the Bosphorus cruise

The Bosphorus Evening Cruise starts from the port at 9:00 pm

to take the tour across the Bosphorus and enjoy the scenery and the

Attractive places in the tourist cities and the trip ends at 12 pm

and returns to the port again.


The Ship path in the Bosphorus

Departure from the port and take a tour across the Bosphorus Strait and pass through
the tourist cities in which it is located. Sightseeing the sights on the Bosphorus Strait
Enjoy spending time on the Sahar Allayali ship and watching folklore shows,
Arab singing performances, and dance parties to the tunes of Syrian, Iraqi, and Turkish music.


Features of the Ship evening Sahar Allayali

Go to the hotel where the tourists stay and transfer them to the port from which the ship will depart,

then make a three-hour cruise across the Bosphorus Strait, see the beauty of the tourist attractions in Istanbul,

and present an open buffet throughout the cruise that displays the most delicious food at the hands of the most skilled chefs.

Show a great program for the ship that contains a lot Of singing performances from different cultures

and a varied dance parties between Levantine, Turkish, Egyptian, and others



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